Seizure On Sunday, Maybe On Monday [excerpt]

I have epilepsy. It is something that runs in my family. My mother had it. A relative from long ago had it as well. She was killed while milking a cow in the 1930’s.

A basic definition describes it as a neurological disorder which causes repeated seizures over time. Causes may not even be knowable in individual cases, but doctors are able to provide best-guess scenarios. This can make it a confusing disease that is generally regarded as controllable.

When I’m feeling cynical I think that controlled epilepsy is just a medicated person.

In my case, the seizures began during my teens, which means that I’ve been dealing with it for a decade. I had to get a neurologist at 15yo who looked at my brain via EKGs and MRIs. He then prescribed a medication that would counter the wild electricity in my brain.

He told me that “We will see if this works. If you have another seizure then we will up the dose until we find something that works for you.”

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