No Name: Thanks

No Name Reading Hour was made possible by conversation, patience, and respect for writing. We would like to thank a few peoples with shout outs and #hashtags and a picture or two.

(2015 Alday)
(2015 Sean Alday)

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No Name: Paul D’Agostino

May 13, 2015. Design by MKVN
#NNRH May 13, 2015. (Design by MKVN)

Paul D’Agostino has submitted a story of travel agents and magic carpet rides woven into a depiction of poetic inspiration as envisioned by Cicero. This take on the modern condition may call for an lol or two.

He is “an artist, writer, translator and occasional professor living in Bushwick, Brooklyn. He does other stuff as well, but who cares? He’s been applying for jobs at the NBA for months, for instance, and they don’t. Fun cover letters, though, those.” Continue reading “No Name: Paul D’Agostino”