No Name: Zachary Brennan

May 13, 2015. Design by MKVN
May 13, 2015. Design by MKVN

Zachary Brennan will be sharing an expository excerpt from a novel or novella in progress. When you google the title “obloquy” a sentence pops up in the definition reading: “there is no moral obloquy connected with getting drunk there.”

He has “worked as a writer, editor and journalist covering health care and pharmaceuticals for the past nine years at various outlets in Washington, DC and New York. He self-published a Kindle edition of his first novella, A Monody on Boundaries, in 2011, and published fiction and poetry in a number of outlets since 2006, including Why Vandalism? and Thieves Jargon.”

(Courtesy ZB)

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No Name: Abby Murray

May 13, 2015. Design by MKVN
May 13, 2015. Design by MKVN

Abby Murray is sharing a long-form-harsh-toke-fem-brat-beat-poem set in the windy city. It could be based on memories and emotional responses to them. It could also just be about really getting the shit kicked out of you.

She has a “BFA in Fashion Design from Columbia College Chicago. She combines a grimy, DIY aesthetic with structured skill to create one-of-a-kind costumes, “girl gang” jackets, textile art and diary-esque poems about rainbows, rape and butterflies.  You can catch more of her during Bushwick Open Studios on Sunday, June 7th.”

(courtesy the author)
(courtesy AM)

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No Name: Elaine Tin Nyo

May 13, 2015. Design by MKVN
May 13, 2015. Design by MKVN

I rediscovered Elaine Tin Nyo’s poem in an old copy of …Is This Free? It’s called the “Ode To Not Having” and when I first read it I was homeless. And possibly sleeping on the floor of Nurture Art Gallery after hours since I had a key to the place.

Anyway, she has done things like raising “10,00 worms to make soil in her apartment; and lived in a tipi on a frozen lake…” So it makes sense that she will be en route to her next art project the night of the reading… Therefore we will need a tribute…

Edible Magritte (courtesy Elaine Tin Nyo) 2013
Scene from Edible Magritte (courtesy Elaine Tin Nyo) 2013

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No Name: Amy Gall

May 13, 2015. Design by MKVN
May 13, 2015. Design by MKVN

How do you know what a dog tastes like? Brothers have a wealth of knowledge about things. After all, some dyke stole his girlfriend once.

But no one can predict the future quite like an after school palm-reader…

“Amy Gall writes, creates, and sometimes sleeps in Brooklyn.  Her fiction and nonfiction have appeared in PANK, Joyland, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Lambda Literary Review, and Entropy Magazine, among others.

She earned her MFA in creative writing from The New School.

She is currently working on a novel involving cryonics and lesbians.”

Amy Gall (photo by David Formentin)

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No Name: Paul D’Agostino

May 13, 2015. Design by MKVN
#NNRH May 13, 2015. (Design by MKVN)

Paul D’Agostino has submitted a story of travel agents and magic carpet rides woven into a depiction of poetic inspiration as envisioned by Cicero. This take on the modern condition may call for an lol or two.

He is “an artist, writer, translator and occasional professor living in Bushwick, Brooklyn. He does other stuff as well, but who cares? He’s been applying for jobs at the NBA for months, for instance, and they don’t. Fun cover letters, though, those.” Continue reading “No Name: Paul D’Agostino”