I’m curating, in the family and friends tradition, a section or maybe all of this selection of works in Vilaykorn’s current body of work. The opening of Family and Friends, to my mother will be July 25th, 6-8PM at John Davis Gallery.

This gallery resides at 362 and 1/2 Warren Street in Hudson, New York.


Press release as poem:

Vilaykorn Sayaphet (1976) is a Laotian born painter.

His work is a deeply personal meditation on finding inner “truth.”

His art studio features two chairs facing one another.

In one seat is the artist, brush in hand.

In the other a wood panel leans against the back.

The seat is full of bright sludges of oil paint.

The scene is a home against a wide windswept landscape.

His windows are open and the summer breezes come through.

His eyes close and he trusts instinct.

The body of work that the artist is exhibiting has been produced since his September 2014 solo exhibition “Latmanikham & Thongsy” at English Kills Art Gallery. Named for his mother and father, the show received positive criticism in Hyperallergic. He maintains a studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn.



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