No Name: Thanks

No Name Reading Hour was made possible by conversation, patience, and respect for writing. We would like to thank a few peoples with shout outs and #hashtags and a picture or two.

(2015 Alday)
(2015 Sean Alday)

Thanks to our talented writers and readers:

Thanks to Molasses Books for hosting us.

Thanks to Bushwick Daily for recommending that you attend.

Thanks to those who listened. The crowd oozed good vibes at the readers. Also, just to note this, no one’s cell phone went off at an inopportune moment. Not even at an opportune one. This was one of the kindest gestures that you could have made. So, we repeat, thanks for coming out.

We look forward to the next reading. Sometime in late June. Keep an eye on the chalk board at Molasses.


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