YouTube Videos About Hawaii

We drove to South Point and out of there on to the Manago Hotel. I can remember this despite being stoned on cough syrup. I had had a cough to begin with. It was irritated by our persistent smoking. But I’d picked the cough up on the plane.

A guy with a beard parked his bicycle nearby and asked if we’d seen a brown jeep. I was sweating. The waves beat themselves on the rocks, covering us in a fine mist with each wind gust. This bearded guy was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and must have rode a long distance to get here.

“No,” I answered. “Haven’t seen anyone,”

‘at the end of the world.’

He rode east.

The hallucinations were kicking in now. I could see the clouds coming after us and the ocean knocking rocks off of cliffs. The rocks looked like lumpy potatoes.

“What are the snakes like on this island?” I asked the driver.

“Every snake you see has a fifty percent chance of being the most dangerous snake in the world.”

Go To Hawaii Buy A Ukelele

The driver uses an inhaler.

My list: Depakote, Keppra, St. John’s Wort, Acetaminophen, a bottle of syrup, marijuana, beers, and some jimson weed.

I think that the Acetaminophen was pretty benign, but the Depakote and Keppra mixed with the cough syrup was changing the world in an unpredictable way.

The St. John’s Wort and Marijuana were keeping things in friendly territory.

The beers and jimson weed kept a certain level of danger present when the unpredictability of the prescriptions stuttered.

What Hawaii Looks Like When You Drive Through It

I sat down on a rock and the driver looked through his camera lens. He was circling me and pointing the lens at my body. I wasn’t precise in my thinking, but I thought about water spirits and wave spray.

There were definitely wind farms here. This was confirmed by our second trip. During this first trip, I was taking pictures of the windmills. Some Cervantes fantasy was taking hold, the windmills needed to be fixed. They’d rusted and lost some propellers.

But the ocean was large and it swallowed the setting sun with ease. Nothing stopped the waves from eternally mashing the potatoes of dry land. My head ballooned and stayed that way for a few days as I drained cough syrup bottles so that I could continue to puff on the corn-cob pipe.

Morning In Hawaii

We walked toward the edge of the cliffs. He filmed as we walked.

“What are you going to do?” He asked.

I am barely able to recall this memory when watching the video.

“I’m going to take a piss off that cliff.”

The camera cuts off here.

“Don’t get too close to the edge.”

The edges of Hawaii are crumbling if they are stood on. The lava rock is good and all, but it takes time to build up for there to be interesting paths.

It was strange that this too was volcano-borne since it was grassy. However, I am not in charge of the Pacific Ocean nor its volcanoes, so it isn’t really my business.

I heard the driver shout. “Hey Sean! Go right there!”

A Taoist Piss Take At South Point

Our trip to South Point concluded at dusk, even though that trip and the time spent there never felt over. Blue water and wheeling gulls* followed us in our hallucinations and back to the mainland and back again to our own private islands.

How You Feel About Hawaii After You Leave

We are a lost people trying to escape in a sea. You can envelop yourself in memories and neglect the terribleness of the times and the slow smooth slide…

Or something like that.


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