Once Being Better Than Never

‘Was sitting on a friend’s stoop. Waiting for them in the shade with the sun behind the opposite row of buildings.

‘The door opened behind me and someone I recognized was standing there. I couldn’t quite place him but he said “Hey.” and I responded in kind.’

I was peeling potatoes and Chef was slicing beef into little cubes.

‘I saw his shirt and realized he’s a bartender at The Garcon. You know? The dive bar across from Ma’s? Anyway, he was wearing a Garcon shirt. He’s mostly a weekend bartender.’

Chef pouted his lips to indicate that he knew the person. We’ve been there together and have probably been served by this guy.

‘He was moving a dresser and I asked him if he needed a hand. Said “No, it’s pine. I got it.” so I got up off of the stoop to give him room. He made several passes getting the drawers out of his apartment.’

The chef looked up and said ‘yeah.’

‘I don’t think I’m going back to that bar.’


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