What Am I Doing Here?

It’s spring. I’m back in Brooklyn.

Using the internet in earnest for the first time in about a year. I think I’m about to not be homeless.

I’ve been a curmudgeon-esque, Luddite-lite, notebook-filling human for the past year. My father had two strokes last year and I lived with him in Florida for nine months. I learned how to write again. With a pen and a composition book.

I moved back to NYC on April 1st. I lived in a homeless shelter in the Bronx for a month. I’m still processing that.

I’m typing and editing my book. Trust Fall is a tentative title. It’s about the hopeful three months in which Kronenberg and I began our homeless adventures. It’s nearly finished.

I’m going to model in Michael Alan’s Living Installation on June 21st. I think it will be something good to write about. I interviewed him a couple of Thanksgivings ago.

I’m also lining up some interviews and polishing some reviews. I suppose I’ll publish them on this blog. That will be nice.

I’m cooking on 23rd street next to the Flatiron Building. I’m learning a little Spanish. I even had a conversation en espanol with the Don Panchito guys in Williamsburg.

I don’t know what I’m doing here yet. But I’m getting close.


One thought on “What Am I Doing Here?

  1. When you figure out what you’re doing here, see if you can figure out what we are doing here. I don’t think anyone else knows either. But we’re getting close.

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